Open Records Requests


To provide the procedures for providing copies of public records in the custody or control of the District. This Policy shall be posted on the District’s website or otherwise published in a manner to be determined by the District Board of Directors.


In any case where a person has the right to inspect a public record of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation District in conformance with the Colorado Open Records Act, Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 24-72-201 to 205 (“CORA”), that person may request a copy, printout, or photograph of such record. If the public record requested is readily available for inspection and copying, the District Manager or a District employee designated by the District Manager (the “Custodian”) shall furnish such copies, printouts, or photographs, subject to payment of the reasonable fee described below. There is no fee for up to ten pages of copies. For more than ten pages or copies, printouts, or photographs, there will be a fee of Twenty-Five Cents ($.25) per page, unless the actual cost exceeds that amount, in which case the actual cost may be charged. Any request which involves more than a minimal amount of staff time to respond to shall be submitted in writing and shall identify the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, if available, of the person submitting the request. Any requests for information received from the media shall be directed to the District Manager.

If, in the opinion of the Custodian, the public records request involves a substantial volume of information, will require staff time to research and retrieve the requested records, or the requested records are in active use, in storage or otherwise not available at the time of the request, the Custodian shall notify the person requesting the records of such fact, in writing if requested, and shall set a date and time for the records to be inspected, generally within three working days. If extenuating circumstances exist due to the amount of records subject to the request or the amount of staff time required to prepare or gather the records, the Custodian shall notify the person requesting the records within three working days of the request that additional time will be required to produce the records, not to exceed seven working days from receipt of the request.

The person requesting the records shall be required to reimburse the District for staff time required to research and retrieve records, to manipulate data, generate computer data, or to redact personal information or privileged material. In such case the Custodian shall provide the person requesting the records with an estimate of the fee required to produce the records, which shall be paid in advance. The amount charged by the District for such activities shall be $25.00 per hour, provided that there shall be no charge for the first hour of research time. 21-2 5287094_5


Approved by the Board of Directors
Ken-Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation District
Date: November 20, 2003
Revised: May 18, 2007
Revised: August 15, 2012
Revised: July 16, 2014