Water Protection

Denver Water Takes Steps to Protect Water Supply

Immediately following the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, Denver Water moved to tighten security at all its facilities. Denver Water operates several dams and reservoirs where water is stored for the city’s water supply along with three water treatment and numerous other facilities. While all such facilities are routinely monitored by electronic surveillance and critical facilities are staffed around the clock, additional safety procedures were put into place at once. All Denver water personnel are on heightened alert. There have been no threats against the city’s water supply, and Denver Water is not discussing what security measures it has taken.

Ken-Caryl Security Measures

Since the September 11th attack the District along with Denver Water has taken measures to strengthen the security of its water facilities. The District has installed sensing devices at water storage tanks; sensing devices at the Valley Pumping Station; and remote valves at all tanks for a more immediate shut down if necessary. All of these devices are tied into the SCADA system for monitoring and control.